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​​CellWell International

CellWell International is a wellness company, operating as a full service general wellness center, and distributing worldwide a wellness product as an “ electric-powered passive exercise system”.  Based in Miami Florida, USA where we have a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors and specialists attendance. We offer full training onsite as well as online education in order that all practitioners become expert opperaters in our advanced welness systems.  

We  wishes to sincerely thank all those health-care providers and sports administrators dedicated to improving the wellness, and fitness in their communities who have embraced wellness through installation of an Ondamed and Cellwell Dynamic Energy System to transform and uplift the lives of those they care for. 
CellWell's Biofeedback + stimilation and CellWell Dynamic Energy Wellness Systems are used by healthcare professionals worldwide to stimulate tissue regeneration with specific wellness products as an“ electric-powered passive exercise system. The biofeedback method lets practitioners find underlying dysfunctions correlated to symptoms, such as pain & inflammation.

Profits created from sales via this website finance charitable convalescene in respective communities.
Who we support.

  • Any adult or child who is suffering from a chronic illness and requires convalescene and specialised assesment and therapy with CellWell's Ondamed biofeedback assesment and Cellwell Dynamic Energy Wellness Therapy but do not have the financial means to afford the costs of such. ​

Special Invitation.

To all Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Health Centres, Health Retreats, Anti-Aging Clinics, Aged Care Facilities, Retirement Villages, Sporting Organisations,   Veterinarians, Mental Health Facilities, Doctors, Medical Centres and Hospitals.

Please feel free to call or contact us anytime, that we may assist to propel your business and the health of your clients and patients into the future with the worlds most advanced energy systems, the CellWell's Biofeedback + stimilation and CellWell Dynamic Energy Wellness System. Please foward this site to your colleges. 

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