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The Biofeedback System is CE certified as a Class II Medical Therapy Device. The Medical Device Certification GMBH audit has proven, that this quality system meets all requirements according to Annex VI – Section 3 of the Council Directive 93/42/EEC of 14 June 1993 concerning medical devices
The  Biofeedback System is certified in the additional following norms:
IEC 60601-1:1988 + A1:1991 + A2:1995; EN 60601-1:1990 and
DIN EN 60601-1:1996
EC Certificate  "Medical Device using pulsed electromagnetic fields for tissue stimulation"
ISO 13485 certification
DQS Certificate
Italian Medical Device Registration - January 2012
UE 93/42/EWG - Poland

Registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Cat. Neurology. since 2002 
Please click here to view the:  FDA's Registration & Device Listing.

The  Biofeedback System is an approved physical therapy device by the Bahrain health ministry

The  Biofeedback System is an approved physical therapy device by the Medical Devices Bureau, Health Canada.
In November of 2011, the BiofeedbackSystem was approved by Health Canada for pain relief, treating wounds and soft tissue injuries. Licence #87618

The  Biofeedback System has been approved in China by SFDA in June 2009

The Biofeedback System has been approved in Korea by KFDA in July 2012

In March 2012, the Biofeedback​ System was approved by the Saudi F.D.A. for pain relief, treating wounds and soft tissue injuries. Licence MDMA12110004

Approved by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore: SDMR

License to import new electromedical devices - Licence Number: 933/14745

Approved by the Department of Health of Taiwan  Taiwan Registration Permit

CellWell Dynamic Energy System

JDC CellWell Dynamic Energy System devices have been developed, improved and manufactured continuously for 32 years. To support their efforts, JCD CellWell Dynamic Energy Systems have always completed research work and tests in universities, hospitals, clinics, and with independent private-practice physicians worldwide.

Below are important references. Short list of most important research works and testing of JDC Cellwell Dynamic Energy System device

1. 1985 St.Georg Hospital Hamburg, Dr. H. Einfeld : First experiences report using JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System therapy for healing Ulcera Crurum.

2. 1990 Hospital St.Georg Hamburg, Dr. H.Einfeld – Department of Physical Therapy : Positive report after four year practice of magnetic field therapy with JCD Technology 4100.

3. Hospital Services Union - Kaufbeuren-Ostallgäu: Treatment results during 1986 - 1987 using JCD Technology 2100.

4. Clinic Dr. J. Mahn : Treatment results during 1986 -1988 with JCD Technology 2100.

5. Orthopedic Clinic Dr. Prus - Wuppertal : Treatment results during 1985 - 1987 with JCD Technology 3100X.

6. 1984 Gynecology Clinic Dr. P.Werner -Goslar : Treatment results by gynecological diseases with JCD Technology.

7. 1993 Medizinische Physik. 24-th Science Meeting of German Society for Medical Physics. Presented works with JCD Technology 4100 including connected IR Laser 72 ML. Dr. Cieslar, Dr. Sieron, Dr. Mrowiec, Prof. Dr. Zmudzinski, Dr. Turczynski, Dr. Adamek, Dr. Becelewski, Dr.Jaskulski:  Influence of PEMF on Water- electrolyte balance of animals.  Influence of JCD Technology and IR Laser on the plasma viscosity of animals.  Influence of IR Laser on the electric conductivity and dia-electric constants in blood of animals.  Influence of JCD Technology on the electric conductivity and dia-electric constants in the blood of animals.

8. 1997, High European Community Commission from Brussels has chose JCD devices as one of the best 10 EU developments for to promote innovative European products in Tokyo by "EU Gateway to Japan"

9. 1998, SPA Clinic Dr. Kobylka -Bad Füssing: Successful report of 40 patients using the JCD  4100 .

10. 1999 Alpha Puls Therapy Center Hamburg: Treatment results from 399 patients. 2003 new method developed by Johannes for weight control through own fat burning process. Test of 50 patients within four weeks therapy program showed average weight loss of 5,5 kg, including body-fat loss of 5 kg.

11. 2001-2002, University Clinic Freiburg, Department of Rehabilitation and Preventive Sport Medicine, Prof. Dr.Med. A.Berg, Dr. G.Huber. After elaborate testing, the German National Olympic Committee chose the portable devices,  to use before and after events at the German Olympic Teams for Olympic Games in Sydney 2000, Salt Lake City 2002 and Athens 2004.

12. 2002 , Clinic Dr. M. Frey & Dr.B.Kempa / Bayer Pharmacy Study for:  post operative athrosis therapy  diabetic gangrene  chronic ulcer  cartilage regeneration USA

13. 1998, Vanderbilt University TN, Ophthalmology Professor Ming Wang M.D., Ph.D.: A Novel Treatment of recalcitrant Corneal Ulcer using JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100.

14. 1998, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Laboratory for Magnetic Brain Stimulation, Department of Neurology, Director Alvaro Pascual-Leone M.D., Ph.D.: Pilot Study on Effects of PEMF on neutral excitability- " The results clearly establishes that PEMF and in particular, the JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100) does change neuronal activity in the central nervous system"

15. 1999, Harvard Medical School, Leonard B. Miller M.D., F.A.C.S., - Clinical Instructor Surgery: ongoing pilot studies with the JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System4100 - " After 30 minutes with the arm resting inside JCD Technology coil ( at maximum output) a 100 % increase in peripheral was noted..."

16. other tests 1998 -1999 Yale University , Prof. Lloyd Saberski :" Excellent results with JCD Technology 4100 in pain therapy ". Columbia University : research on bone regeneration. (NASA, American astronauts program ).

17. 2006, University of Connecticut, Department of Kinesiology, Human Performance Laboratory , Maren S. Fragala, William J.Kramer, Jeff S. Volek, Barry A. Spiering, Disa L. Hatfield, Jacob L. Vingren, Jen Yu Ho, Cassandra E. Forsythe, Michael J. Puglisi, Jeffrey M.Anderson, Carl M. Maresh : Influences of Regenx, ( JCD Technology under American name Cellwell Dynamic Energy System) a Dietary Supplement in Combination with an Exercise and Diet Regimen on Adipocytokines and Adiposity in woman who are overweight. Poland 1986 -1989

18. Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Scientifically Academy (PAN) –Warsaw: Dr.Stanislaw Grabiec: Examination of the influence of low-frequency pulsed magnetic field on Peroxydaze . Over 1600 experiments and tests confirm positive influence for increasing enzyme activity.

19. Dr.Stanislaw Grabiec: Medical paper indicating the positive influence of low-frequency PEMF on life organism.

20. Medical Academy (university) Warsaw. Rehabilitation Clinic Konstancin. Prof. Dr. Med. Jerzy Kiwerski : Application of pulsating magnetic fields for pain therapy in treatment of spinal column.

22. Silesian Medical Academy (university) Bytom, III Professors Chair & Clinic for internal medicine. Superintendent Professor Dr. Hab. Jerzy Zmudzinski. Dr. Alexander Sieron : Clinical aspects for the application of alternating magnetic fields.

23. Sport Academy Warsaw - Institute for Biological Regeneration. Prof. Dr. hab. med. T. Mika: Excellent study completed for Polish National Health System.

24. Health Resort Iwonicz - Pain & Acupuncture Clinic. Dr. Alicja Kaleta : Observation and research of magnetic field therapy in sanatoriums. Excellent opinion.

25. Sport Injuries Therapy Center - Tarnobrzeg. Director Dr.W.Furgal : Experience with JCD Technology 4100 in sport medicine. Dr. W. Furgal, Dr. K.Machowski, Dr.K.Kalita: Clinical aspects in case Osgood - Schlatter disease.

26. Warsaw Ministry of Health’s Commission of Judgment for Medical Equipment V-Minister Mgr. Inz. Janusz Prokopiak : After one year of testing in seven Polish universities, , the Commission proposed the use of JCD Technology 4100 for the Public Health System. 

Rehabilitation Institute of the Central Clinical Hospital for Ministry of Interior Affairs -Warsaw. Colonel Dr. Bogdan Michalik : The effect of low frequency magnetic field therapy in specific cases.

27. Certificate from Polish Ministry of Health for using JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy Systemin Polish National Health System.
Italy / Poland

28. 1992, Third World Congress International Society for low-powered laser application in medicine. Bolonia, Modena. Dr. M.Adamek, Dr.A. Sieron, Dr.G.Cieslar:  The influence of low-powered IR Laser radiation (JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100 connected to the IR Laser Alphatron 72 ML) on erythrocytes in-vivo and in- vitro.

The influence of low-powered laser infrared radiation on energetic metabolism of hepatocytes.

29. 2005 - 2006, Munga Center of Family Doctors - Maardu. Dr. Julia Shugailo:  Application of PEMF JCD Technology 4100-S in the treatment of osteo-arthrosis of 148 patients.  Report of treatment of 276 patients using medical device JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System for pain therapy, heel spurs, disorders of joints, arthrosis, plexites and myosites, conditions after fractures, different sort of nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, facial and trigeminal neuritis , headache and vertigo, maxillary and frontal sinusitis, suppyrating wounds on legs.

30. 1996, Progress in Rheumatology. Volume VI . Proceedings of the 7-th International Seminar on the treatment of Rheumatic Diseases. J.Ma chtey, Ed.Petah Tigra, Israel. Rheumatology Service, Golda Campus, Rabin Medical Center, Kupach Holim Sick Fund. p. 101-105. Dr.A. Sieron, Dr. A.Adamek, Prof.Dr. Zmudzinski- Silesian Medical Academy-Bytom. Spain

30. 1996, Progress in Rheumatology. Volume VI . Proceedings of the 7-th International Seminar on the treatment of Rheumatic Diseases. J.Ma chtey, Ed.Petah Tigra, Israel. Rheumatology Service, Golda Campus, Rabin Medical Center, Kupach Holim Sick Fund. p. 101-105. Dr.A. Sieron, Dr. A.Adamek, Prof.Dr. Zmudzinski- Silesian Medical Academy-Bytom. Spain

31. 1987: Clinic Dr. Electra Pelufo Lupia, Denia/Alicante: Reported saving leg amputation of patient suffering non-union fracture using the Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100 and previous JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System. Japan

32. 2000, Ozawa Dental Clinic / Medical Corporation - Tokyo. Fumisada Ozawa D.D.S., Ph.D., ViceChairman of the Japan Academy of Occlusion and Health, Chairman of the Academy of Dental Medicine : Acceleration of healing process and bone regeneration of tooth implant using Cellwell Dynamic Energy System therapy. Possible now to apply JCD Technology Therapy to osteoporosis’ patients to whom teeth implants are contraindicated. Malaysia

33. Six medical center using the Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100, Klang , Kuala Lumpur. Dr.Shuah Research :  Arthritis  Cervico-Braciale Neuralgy  Peria-arthritis  Osteoporosis  Diabetic Gangrene  Skin Burning (see www.biopulse.com.my Reference successful cases.)

34. 1998, Caribbean Arthritis & Sport Injuries Center - Nassau . Dr. E. Newry : Excellent results in clinical practice of Trigeminus Neuralgia, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Pain therapy. Panama and Costa Rica
35. 2004: BioMagnetic Institute Panama , issued their first study results using Cellwell Dynamic Energy SystemPEMF medical devices(see www.biomag.net ) Kuwait
36. 1998, Al-Razi Hospital, Chief Physiotherapist Najiba Hussein Al-Zuabi : Preliminary report about treatment of patients with PEMF using the Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100.

37. Military hospital in Tainan: Acceptance by Military Health System after extensive testing. Korea

38. Tests completed in two medical universities and 10 hospitals. Kazakhstan

39. 2003-2008: After extensive testing, the Ministry of Health issued a certificate to use the Cellwell Dynamic Energy System devices in public hospitals and private practices.

40. 2006, WHO -World Health Organization by United Nation , chose Cellwell Dynamic Energy System for supply program. www.un.org./depts/oip/dp/dp8pdf/02-08.pdf code No: 02-08-00241 on page 22 of 214

CellWell Dynamic Energy System Therapy Centers in Latin America:
1. Mexico, Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. SPA (Anti-Aging) 2. Mexico, Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta. Wellness & Rehabilitation 3. Panama and Costa Rica ( see www.biomag.net )

JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System wishes to thank the several- hundred physicians and therapists of human and veterinary medicine on all continents for their cooperation of research, development and continual updates using Cellwell Dynamic Energy System devices. Special thanks to all the Polish and USA Universities for laboratory research.​

JDC Cellwell Dynamic Energy System a Natural Biological Process
Formerly technical approvals of Cellwell Dynamic Energy System 4100

1. Health Ministry Commission for testing of medical equipment in Poland , 17.03.1988
2. SETI in Finland 03.05.1989
3. Technical University Hamburg-Harburg in Germany , 20.07.1991
4. TÜV in Germany, 03.07.1991
5. NEMCO in Norway , 15.11.1991
6. Since 1995 CE Mark for non invasive therapy devices. CE without number because in Germany the qualification of magnetic field therapy devices is as wellness and not as medical.
7. ESW EXTEL System Wedel, in Germany , 08.05.1996  EN 55011 B, Interference Voltage  EN 55011 3m, Anechoic shielded chamber
8. Wolfgang Irlbacher Elektronik, in Germany,17.01.1997
9. European & Regulatory Affairs in London, England, 24.02.1997
10. Elektronik Service , in Germany, 06.01.2011

Some Medical approvals:

1. Free Sales Certificate from Health Authority Hamburg and TÜV, Germany, 25.02.1993 and 07.05.2003
2. Certificate for use in Polish Public Health System - Ministry of Health –Poland, 10.08.2005 . (Social insurance pay for the treatment)
3. University Clinic Freiburg in Germany , 2000,2002,2004 (After testing of different magnetic field therapy devices, JCD Cellwell Dynamic Energy System is chose as only for treatment of German Olympic Teams)
4. Ministry of Health in Kazakhstan, Certificate for use in Public Health System 08.07.2008.

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